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Nocturnal polygraphy / Sleep study

A nocturnal polygraphy, or sleep study, is used to study the way your body functions when you sleep and to diagnose potential, sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnoea, snoring, upper respiratory tract congestion, or restless leg syndrome.

During the study, your breathing, breathing movements, heart rate, sleeping position, blood oxygen level and feet movement are monitored. The study is conducted at home. You will need to place a small device with multiple sensors on your chest. The device allows you to sleep more or less normally, and you can move around freely during the study. Since a finger clip is used to measure blood oxygen level, you should not wear nail polish or artificial nails.

You should sleep as regularly as possible and avoid alcohol for a week before the study. Any prescription medication can be taken normally.

Make an appointment for the study/to collect the test equipment with Suomen Neurolaboratorio. When you collect the test equipment, a nurse will provide you with instructions on how to use it, a sleep questionnaire for completion, and supplies and instructions for registration and for returning the equipment. It is recommended that you reserve around half an hour for collecting the equipment. Attach the device and sensors to your chest in good time before going to bed. In the morning, detach the device and return it to Neurolaboratorio.

Our clinical neurophysiology specialists will provide a statement on the registered data.

Video on attaching nocturnal polygraphy device:

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