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An EEG monitors the brain waves and helps to detect and diagnose epilepsy, seizure disorders and disorders of consciousness. An EEG can reveal the cause of symptoms, even if no symptoms are present at the time of examination.

Before the examination begins, a nurse will attach small electrodes to your scalp and face, or place an EEG cap on your head in order to measure your brain wave activity. Gel will be applied to your skin before the electrodes are attached to ensure a good contact. During the examination, you will lie comfortably on a bed and follow the nurse’s instructions. Flashing lights or deep breathing exercises may be used to activate your brain waves. The examination will be recorded on video for the assessment of any seizure symptoms.

For an EEG, your hair should be clean. If you are on medication, consult the referring doctor before the examination. If you are awake for the EEG, the examination, including preparations, will take about an hour. If you are required to sleep during the EEG, you will be given instructions when you make the appointment. It is advisable to reserve about 1.5 hours for this examination.

For small children, bring a dummy, a milk bottle, a favourite blanket or toy to make the child feel safe and help him or her to fall asleep. For small children, it is advisable to perform the examination during their nap time, or in the morning. You should not allow the child to fall asleep on your way to the examination.

After the examination, the nurse will remove the electrodes and clean your skin, but you may want to wash your hair. Our clinical neurophysiology specialist will provide a statement to the referring doctor.