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Suomen Neurolaboratorio Ltd. is a Finnish healthcare service company operating under the license of the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (VALVIRA). We are a Key Flag company offering high-quality medical expert services. Our operations are based on strong expertise and trust, guided by principles of good governance and responsibility towards both our personnel and customers. We pay attention to environmental aspects in our procurement and adhere to principles of sustainable development. The ownership of the company is entirely Finnish, and we pay our taxes in Finland.

The Association for Finnish Work

Responsibility for people, all of us

Responsibility is our core value. We offer our customers high-quality and reliable examinations performed quickly and safely. We treat our customers with respect and individuality, constantly improving our operations based on their feedback.

Collaboration is crucial; we build long-term trust with our customer organizations by offering flexible service and competitive prices.

We invest in the well-being and competence of our staff, acknowledging that only a well-functioning team can do the best job. Together, we form a strong community that cares and acts responsibly.

Responsibility for our common environment

We see our environmental responsibility as broad and comprehensive. We plan our operations from start to finish with respect for the environment: we carefully select suppliers and plan facilities, recycle old equipment properly, and reduce energy consumption in our premises. Additionally, we emphasize environmentally friendly choices in equipment procurement and conduct our examinations at customer premises to minimize the environmental impact of travel.

Good governance is a matter of honor for us

We are a wholly Finnish company. It is important for us to be an active and responsible part of society. We pay our taxes in Finland and adhere to accepted procedures in all our operations.

Our company is owned by our employees, which reflects our commitment to a common goal. Strategic decisions are made by the board, which meets regularly to ensure that our company’s direction is correct and sustainable.