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Suomen Neurolaboratorio Oy is the first (in operation since 2001) and, so far, the only quality certified private clinical neurophysiology laboratory in Finland. An independent assessment organisation (INSPECTA) reviews our operations annually to determine whether they meet the standards set by the quality system. Some of our employees have a technical assessor qualification awarded by FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service).

For a clinical laboratory, a quality system means more than just a management system. Our quality approach is focused on the neurophysiological study process and patient safety.

To ensure competence and consistency with high medical quality standards, we conduct on-going quality control, including regular peer reviews, deviation reports, and continuous medical education covering our entire personnel. We have prepared extensive method descriptions of all of the examinations and tests we perform, to ensure consistency and comparability between practices and procedures. All of our equipment is regularly calibrated by our qualified physicians. We use the results of customer satisfaction surveys for improving our operations. Employees are encouraged to engage in continuous development and openness.

We provide our customers with free training based on their needs, in order to help us perform timely and correct diagnostic testing for patients.

Our operations are driven by customer needs. The size of our company provides us with an optimal basis for attending to customer needs and maintaining operational flexibility in a challenging and constantly changing health care sector. Our personnel are highly committed, and our employee turnover is exceptionally low.

Quality commitment

Suomen Neurolaboratorio Oy aims to be a responsible and trustworthy service provider. Our service points are safe for customers, and our employees are customer-oriented and considerate. We use customer feedback as a guide in our operations.

We engage in continuous learning in order to maintain a high level of professional expertise and provide customers and patients with premium quality, cutting-edge services while creating added value. Employee motivation and job satisfaction are paramount; they ensure competence building, low employee turnover and the long-term efficiency of operations. We keep continuous track of the changes in the health care sector, keep our selection of tests and examinations up to date and relevant, and maintain a state-of-the-art device stock to differentiate us from competitors and ensure competitive pricing.

Our motto is:

“Accurate and fast diagnosis is the foundation of good care.”